Monthly Archives: April 2011

The LiJiang River at Sunset

This is the LiJiang river in Guilin CHINA at sunset. A rare opporitunity to catch this picture with only one boat in view, I just had to take advantage. The weather and conditions were perfect for this picture. A slight breeze ripples through the water under a clear sky.

The LiJiang river is famous for these unique looking mountain ranges. These mountains are the feature of China’s 20 yuan note. This is a picture taken on April 22 2011 with my Nikon D90.



I was organizing my pictures when I came across a set of my dog Bailey from June 27, 2010. This is a significant day in my life because it was the day I decided I would be packing up my bags and moving to Hong Kong. I chose to spend the first of my last days in Toronto playing with him.

I know everyone says this about their dog, but Bailey WAS the best. He was a smart, kind, and gentle dog. He was obedient and adorable.

I was lucky to find another loving owner to look after him. I pray everyday that he is happy and enjoying his days. I can’t wait to take him out for a day or two when I make my visit back home.

Magnolia Tree In Bloom

During Toronto springs, the Magnolia tree outside my house would blossom. It’s a beautiful sight and brings back fond memories of my home in Toronto. It was quite common for people passing by to marvel and take their own pictures as well!

This is a picture taken on April 18 2010 with my point-and-shoot Canon S5.