I was organizing my pictures when I came across a set of my dog Bailey from June 27, 2010. This is a significant day in my life because it was the day I decided I would be packing up my bags and moving to Hong Kong. I chose to spend the first of my last days in Toronto playing with him.

I know everyone says this about their dog, but Bailey WAS the best. He was a smart, kind, and gentle dog. He was obedient and adorable.

I was lucky to find another loving owner to look after him. I pray everyday that he is happy and enjoying his days. I can’t wait to take him out for a day or two when I make my visit back home.


About Jeffrey T @ phizzat

Originally from Toronto, Canada I moved to Hong Kong late 2010. With this move I discovered a new world in more ways than one. I found a beautiful city filled with vibrancy and energy. And I uncovered an expressive side that I channel through photography. View all posts by Jeffrey T @ phizzat

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