Monthly Archives: May 2011

A New Hobby

Digital photography is my new hobby. It is something that has always interested me and is something I have always appreciated. I love the capture of beauty and happiness in the various snapshots. And I love seeing life through other people’s eyes. I also wanted to express my appreciation of beauty and sights around my life so I recently bought a second-hand DSLR.

I have also been surfing the pages of WordPress and have come across the pages of some very skilled photographers! Here are MY top 5 pages I’ve come across (so far):

As expected I’m still compensating my inexperience with cropping and editing but I hope to get better in time. Seeing all these photos have made me realize that I have a looong ways to go. One day, I hope to produce pictures as good as these!


Happy Mother’s Day Mom

The biggest thing I miss back home in Toronto in my Mom. She is the strongest most resilient person I know. How she managed to raise 2 teenage boys, put them through school, provide a stable home, and all the tools to succeed is life is remarkable.

I truly have the best Mom in the world. Nuturing, generous, and loving… this day was made JUST because of you. Happy Mother’s Day.