Monthly Archives: June 2011

My Fantastic Four

Good friends don’t come into your life very often. I am well aware of that so I must say that I’m very lucky to have 3.

Words cannot describe how much they mean. Enough said…


Visit To The Village Of ZhuJiaJiao

ZhuJiaJiao is a small water village in Shanghai. It’s rich history dates back to the Qing dynasty being used as hub for trade, however most of the buildings converted to sell tiny trinkets or lattes. Still, very little electricity runs through this village and the concrete buildings/structure remains untouched.

There is a very simple and humbling feel to this town.

Weekend Getaway to Shanghai

I just returned from a weekend trip to Shanghai. What a beautiful city. There was a strong resemblence to my home town of Toronto. Definitely could have used a few more days there.

I’m sorting through all the pictures now and will post some favorites here.

Wood Lines In Macau

I recently spent some time in Macau and walked into this beautiful hotel. I loved the lines and patterns of the wooden railing and just had to snap it up. This is a picture taken on May 18 2011 with my Nikon D90.