Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Next Chapter (con’t)

Needless to say, I am enthusiastic to take on this challenge. And a challenge it will be; with models, tight spaces, and poor lighting. The shoot this Friday will be for a press release that will be delivered to a few glamour magazines showcasing some of Australia’s up and coming young designers.

Key concepts: Cool, hip, fresh, high quality, high glamour.

Where is this going? Who knows! One step at a time…


The Next Chapter?

Tonight is a big night for me. Following work, I will be meeting up with a client to discuss a photo session for her retail store. It sounds like an exciting challenge and I’m looking forward to discovering more details about the gig.

Who would have imagined this casual (almost closet) hobby of mine would take me here. Looking forward to the developments!

To The Mid-Levels

This steep path up to the mid-levels of the city are quite rough and beat up. But it’s a popular route to find great views, an array of shopping, and great dining the area has to offer. Very fortunate to be able to snap this pic without the usual traffic of people.

I will post more pictures of the area in the near future.

In-Flight Beverages


Lounging With Cathay

Carefully arranged newspapers and magazines of various interests and languages welcome you as you enter the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounge.

Floral Centerpiece

A bright and fresh flower for a table centerpiece. The range and transition of colours is absolutely incredible. Had to take the snap.


The bookstore where I found the sleeping cat (from my previous post) is very close to my place. I revisited the store to look for her and guess what I found? For a cat that is not afraid to sleep in the openness of the store, she sure was shy when awake!