Monthly Archives: October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

A tremendous loss. He was a visionary that allows us to conveniently capture the world around us. He was an innovator that allows us to express them at the touch of a button. He paved the way for apps like Instagram and WordPress for iPhone (which I’m writing this from). RIP.


Singapore GP

Here are some photos of the Singapore GP. It was extremely expensive event to experience but the it was definitely worth it. The GP was out of this world, something that every young man dreams of. What a great way to spend my birthday weekend.

From a photographer’s perspective, the GP was both a dream and a nightmare. The machines are a work of art, however, they travel deceptively fast (TV does not do these vehicles justice). It really put my panning technique to the test.

I am extremely happy with the overall experinece. I got some great shots I’m even consider putting a couple in print. Here are a few:

Trash To Treasure

It’s a sad reality in Hong Kong but many senior citizens need to sift through garbage (for recyclables) in order to put food on the table. It’s a heart wrenching (yet common) sight.