Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Kicks

Shoes take quite the beating on Hong Kong pavement… so I bought myself a new pair.



Cash sits openly on this ticket counter. It’s not uncommon that thousands of dollars in cash sit openly like this. Lots of hassle to go in-and-out of tills with Hong Kong volumes. I can only imagine how much is actually locked away.

Unlike North America, it’s funny how cash (not plastic) rules Hong Kong. Businesses do anything to keep prices / costs low. And consumers do anything to remain debt-free… even if it is only until a statement arrives in the mail.

Causeway Bay District

Causeway Bay is a heavy traffic district in Hong Kong. I would say it is equate this area to New York’s Times Square (but without the theatre).

At just about any time of the day you’ll find food, shopping, traffic, and PEOPLE. So much pedestrian traffic comes through this district that many street have been permanently closed from vehicle use. A very popular tourist stop, although it can be a jungle to navigate at times.

This 1st picture happened somewhat by accident… but the camera shake actually adds a nice (and approriate) “chaotic” feel.

Always love a good flare.

A Hidden Gem

As I was walking through a street market in Taipei, my eye caught a yellow mini (yes the “original”) drowned in a sea of scooters. It’s a beautiful and colourful car, and I’m sure hundreds of people passed by it unnoticed.

With photography catching these little gems is a difficult (by essential) skill to acquire. That same challenge (and attention) applies to love and life!

Winter Sun

The winter sun attempts to break through on a cloudy Taiwan boat ride.

Washed Ashore

While visiting Taiwan, we took a short boat ride to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Greeting us at the Wharf was this…

Photography – 365 Days – Christmas / New Years

This year, I thought it would be a challenging but fun idea to tackle a few personal photography projects.

Inspired by one of my Dad’s favourite songs “I Just Called To Say I Love You”, my first challenge will be to showcase the many special days throughout the year. No better time than now to start!