Causeway Bay District

Causeway Bay is a heavy traffic district in Hong Kong. I would say it is equate this area to New York’s Times Square (but without the theatre).

At just about any time of the day you’ll find food, shopping, traffic, and PEOPLE. So much pedestrian traffic comes through this district that many street have been permanently closed from vehicle use. A very popular tourist stop, although it can be a jungle to navigate at times.

This 1st picture happened somewhat by accident… but the camera shake actually adds a nice (and approriate) “chaotic” feel.

Always love a good flare.


About Jeffrey T @ phizzat

Originally from Toronto, Canada I moved to Hong Kong late 2010. With this move I discovered a new world in more ways than one. I found a beautiful city filled with vibrancy and energy. And I uncovered an expressive side that I channel through photography. View all posts by Jeffrey T @ phizzat

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