Reminder Of Why I Love Photography

I’ve been buried in work (my “real” job) for the past 2 month. Everything about this current project has been testing my limits, my patience, and my sanity. My sincerest apologies to all my close ones as I’m sure I’ve been quite the pain to be around.

A brief break this weekend had me sorting throug photos I took in Lan Tau. My girlfriend and I took a trip to this island a couple of months ago and I absolutely love the temperature of this picture. Reminds me how overdue I am for another photographic exploration session.

I hope you enjoy it as well… back to work!


About Jeffrey T @ phizzat

Originally from Toronto, Canada I moved to Hong Kong late 2010. With this move I discovered a new world in more ways than one. I found a beautiful city filled with vibrancy and energy. And I uncovered an expressive side that I channel through photography. View all posts by Jeffrey T @ phizzat

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