Monthly Archives: November 2012

Alley Cats

Looks like I was interrupting something important here! =)


Stand Under My Umbrella

Continuing with the cinematic theme, here is one from a wet day in Guilin China. These two girls look very happy to be dry!

Sunday At Stanley Park

I love spending Sunday’s in Stanley Park (also known as Stanley Market). It’s a far trek from the core of Hong Kong but it is a great way to get away from the bustling crowds of the city.

You are always sure to catch various sights, sounds, and activities!! (PS. As you can tell, I’m absolutely drawn by cinematic tones and colours at the moment):

Shopping. Mothers. Daughters. Doggies.

Parents. Babies. Boo-boos.

Sun. Shade. Refreshing gelato.

Dates. Couples. Wedding Photos.

Kids. Bubbles. Play.

Tian Tan Buddha

This larger-than-life statue sits atop a peaktop in Lan Tau. It took 240 gruelling step to reach the top, but well worth it. What an impressive piece of work!

You’ve Got Mail

This photo was taken in Italy. After mailing postcards to family, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful colours and personality these mailboxes had!

“I want to mail my mailman something. He always brings me mail, yet I never give him any mail. Maybe he will appreciate the thought, or maybe he will feel I am making more work for him.” – Jarod Kintz

Tower Of Pisa

Having some fun when I was in Italy earlier this year. Here’s the Not-So-Leaning Tower Of Pisa! Should I have tilted my watermark for additional flare??

A View Of Hong Kong From The Peak

Only after a rainfall will you get a clear view of Hong Kong like this. I took every advantage of it! This photo was taken from the Peak in Central.