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The Day After Typhoon Vicente

A strong typhoon hit Hong Kong last night, bringing winds of more than 140 km/h and heavy rain. A storm warning of 10 (highest level) was raised for Typhoon Vicente. This is the first time in 13 years that a warning of this level was raised in Hong Kong.

The Southorn Playground is closed for the morning as fallen branches litter the courts.

High winds from typhoon Vicente caused damage to many parts of Hong Kong

Typhoon Vicente snapped this tree in half spilling branches and debris onto Spring Garden Lane in Wan Chai

What a mess

It is clear that this umbrella failed someone in last night’s storm.

Last night, many businesses closed early as typhoon Vicente neared. They began re-opening late the next morning.


Reminder Of Why I Love Photography

I’ve been buried in work (my “real” job) for the past 2 month. Everything about this current project has been testing my limits, my patience, and my sanity. My sincerest apologies to all my close ones as I’m sure I’ve been quite the pain to be around.

A brief break this weekend had me sorting throug photos I took in Lan Tau. My girlfriend and I took a trip to this island a couple of months ago and I absolutely love the temperature of this picture. Reminds me how overdue I am for another photographic exploration session.

I hope you enjoy it as well… back to work!

Quick Update!

I have been busy in the past couple weeks (mostly with work and travel). I will get back to posting photos very shortly (I have lots of them).

I’ve also been putting alot of preparation into some personal projects / challenges I’m excited to engage. More about those very soon! #staytuned

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Be safe everyone!

Creative Gift-Giving At It’s Finest

Another mug painting session in Hong Kong this evening. To change it up, Betty had the brilliant idea to paint for a couple of our favourite kids. Christmas spirit in full effect and creative gift-giving at its finest. They’ll love it!

The result:

The Next Chapter (progress)

A short while ago, I mentioned of another chapter of growth with my photography. Things are progressing well I must say, and I’m continuing to put myself out there. I just wrapped up post-editing of my 2nd gig for Alexa And Todd from the past weekend…

I won’t be posting the product of the shoot until the press release is out, but I decided to put together a triptych as a “teaser” so-to-speak.

There seems to be a bit of a demand for this and I’m hoping word spreads about this work. It will be interesting to see what the new year brings! Whether this takes off or not, the journey is extremely fun.

RIP Steve Jobs

A tremendous loss. He was a visionary that allows us to conveniently capture the world around us. He was an innovator that allows us to express them at the touch of a button. He paved the way for apps like Instagram and WordPress for iPhone (which I’m writing this from). RIP.

Singapore GP

Here are some photos of the Singapore GP. It was extremely expensive event to experience but the it was definitely worth it. The GP was out of this world, something that every young man dreams of. What a great way to spend my birthday weekend.

From a photographer’s perspective, the GP was both a dream and a nightmare. The machines are a work of art, however, they travel deceptively fast (TV does not do these vehicles justice). It really put my panning technique to the test.

I am extremely happy with the overall experinece. I got some great shots I’m even consider putting a couple in print. Here are a few: