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New Kicks

Shoes take quite the beating on Hong Kong pavement… so I bought myself a new pair.


Quick Update!

I have been busy in the past couple weeks (mostly with work and travel). I will get back to posting photos very shortly (I have lots of them).

I’ve also been putting alot of preparation into some personal projects / challenges I’m excited to engage. More about those very soon! #staytuned

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Be safe everyone!

The “Lost” 11th Commandment

A very amusing sign I noticed outside of a local church driveway this past weekend…

Singapore GP

Here are some photos of the Singapore GP. It was extremely expensive event to experience but the it was definitely worth it. The GP was out of this world, something that every young man dreams of. What a great way to spend my birthday weekend.

From a photographer’s perspective, the GP was both a dream and a nightmare. The machines are a work of art, however, they travel deceptively fast (TV does not do these vehicles justice). It really put my panning technique to the test.

I am extremely happy with the overall experinece. I got some great shots I’m even consider putting a couple in print. Here are a few:

Back To My Home City

In Toronto!!! Spending much missed time with fam and will try to post some photos up of my beautiful home city.

My Fantastic Four

Good friends don’t come into your life very often. I am well aware of that so I must say that I’m very lucky to have 3.

Words cannot describe how much they mean. Enough said…

A New Hobby

Digital photography is my new hobby. It is something that has always interested me and is something I have always appreciated. I love the capture of beauty and happiness in the various snapshots. And I love seeing life through other people’s eyes. I also wanted to express my appreciation of beauty and sights around my life so I recently bought a second-hand DSLR.

I have also been surfing the pages of WordPress and have come across the pages of some very skilled photographers! Here are MY top 5 pages I’ve come across (so far):

As expected I’m still compensating my inexperience with cropping and editing but I hope to get better in time. Seeing all these photos have made me realize that I have a looong ways to go. One day, I hope to produce pictures as good as these!