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Forbidden Palace

One of the many examples of detailed craftsmanship found in the Forbidden Palace (Beijing China).


Hanging Out With Spidey

I almost walked right into this little guy on the streets of China. If I were any less careful, he would have been dessert!

Stand Under My Umbrella

Continuing with the cinematic theme, here is one from a wet day in Guilin China. These two girls look very happy to be dry!

The LiJiang River at Sunset

This is the LiJiang river in Guilin CHINA at sunset. A rare opporitunity to catch this picture with only one boat in view, I just had to take advantage. The weather and conditions were perfect for this picture. A slight breeze ripples through the water under a clear sky.

The LiJiang river is famous for these unique looking mountain ranges. These mountains are the feature of China’s 20 yuan note. This is a picture taken on April 22 2011 with my Nikon D90.