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It’s All In The Story

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been really busy with my wedding plans. Just not enough time in the day for much else. More on my big day in a later post…

What I wanted to “press” today about was story-telling. Story-telling is an art and it’s something we have been genetically engineered to seek and enjoy. Afterall, history and lessons were passed on in this manner way before pencil and paper were created.

Since I was a child I’ve loved stories, movies, and cinema… it’s a great feeling to escape to a good book, show, or movie. Coupled with being a photographer, I see thousands of mini-stories happening in my “novel of life”. In a way, when I’m shooting, I’m “escaping” to his story, her story, or your story…

The result of my recent work, cinematic photos. Enjoy with my recent visit to Tokyo:


Lights And Lines Of Central, Hong Kong

Here’s is a long-exposure shot of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is infamous for its city lights. In the background, you can see the Cheung Kong Center and the Bank of China tower; 2 of many distinctive buildings of Central, Hong Kong.

Taking Flight at the Cambodian Royal Palace

Wat Phnom Pagoda

This majestic buddha oversees the entrance of the famous Wat Phnom Pagoda …

Sivatha Road

Sivatha Road is the major street that runs through the heart of Siem Reap. You will find many restaurants and street vendors walking down this busy street…

Jakarta Poverty

Jakarta has it’s pocket of poverty. In a recent trip to Indonesia, I found this boy sitting barefoot on top of a counter eating his supper. Very humbling.

Alley Cats

Looks like I was interrupting something important here! =)